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About Us

Gryff Computing has been providing quality services since our founding in 1985. It is our mission to make the usage of computers as easy as possible for the Client. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to work closely together and promote understanding of every aspect of the Client’s business. 


Gryff Computing is a trading name of Gryff Logistics Ltd., a Company limited by guarantee and registered in England in 1993.


We are established in the East of England, on Suffolk’s Heritage Coast. We moved here from London in 1997, and have since worked closely with local Companies and Clients, as well as retaining our existing national and international Client base. We have also provided various facilities, including websites, for the Community, and remain committed to that model.


We work with local Partners as much as possible, and encourage our Clients to do the same. We believe that self-help is as much a part of the relationship as any other.


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